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Historical Notes

Excerpt from Of English Dogges
By Dr. Johannes Caius
Published in English in 1576

Of the dog called Terrar, the
Latine Terrarius

Another sorte there is that hunteth the Foxe and the Badger or Greye onely, whom we call Terrars, because they (after the manner and custome of ferrets in searching for Connyes) creepe into the grounde, and by that meanes make afrayde, nyppe, and byte the Foxe and the Badger in such sort, that eyther they teare them in pieces with theyre teeth beyng in the bosom of the earth, or else hayle and pull them perforce out of their lurking angles, darke dungeons, and close caues, or at the least through coceued feare, drive them out of their hollow harbours in so much that they are compelled to prepare speedy flight, and being desirous of the next (albeit not the safest) refuge, are otherwise taken and intrapped with snares and nettes layde over holes to the same purpose.  But these be the least in that kynde called Sagax.

A Diall Pertaining to the first section

Dogges Serving y'pastime of hunting beastes are divided into Hariers, Terrars, Bloudhounds Gasehounds, Grehounds, Leuiners or Lyemmers, Tumblers, and Stealers.  In Latine called Venatcici.
kynde called Sagax.