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Manchester Terrier Breed Founders

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Though the use of tail lines as a workable theory on which to base breeding decisions is both limited and dated, investigating the theory does give rise to interesting ideas and historical information.  Following tail lines gives us a glimpse back at the individuals whose genetic make-up -- whose mere existence -- have profoundly affected the breed we work to mold and preserve today.  While the tail line theory is still held as creditable in some circles (included as a feature in many pedigree programs and even mentioned in Patricia Craig Trotter's book "Born To Win, Breed to Succeed"), knowledge of genetics and heredity generally discredits its usefulness as a breeding model to most modern breeders.  That said, the division of Manchester variety lines (Toy and Standard) along male tail lines does provide a compelling argument for the theory.  Regardless of your view, studying the theory and the breed's foundation dogs gives us the opportunity to better understand both the history of the breed and the state of diversity in the gene pool.

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