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The Black and Tan Terrier Club of America

By Dean Tomes (then CMTC Historian)
The Ratter's Review, May 2005

The Black and Tan Terrier Club of America (BTTCA) was the first North American breed club representing the breed we now know as the Manchester Terrier.  The club was composed primarily of Canadian breeders of the day, including F.C. McLean (president), Geo. G. Mitchell (Vice-President), R.J. MacGaughey (Secretary-Treasurer), W.H. Williams (officer) and Ed Mack (officer).  Dr. H.T. Foote was the Honourary President of the BTTCA.  The first club meeting was held in Ottawa, Ontario in January of 1902.  Club secretary, R.J. McGaughey, of Belle Kennels, was quite active in promoting both the club and the Black and Tan Terrier in Canada.  Several letters and articles written by McGaughey were published in The Kennel Gazette, the first newsletter of the Canadian Kennel Club, during this time period.

One of the first tasks of the club was to set up a series of trophies and awards to be given out to deserving Manchester Terriers (or Blck and Tan Terriers as they were then known).  The requirements for winning these trophies were established at the second meeting of the Black and Tan Terrier Club of America, held in July 1902.

The Belle B. Cup (donated by R.J. McGaughey and named in honour of his kennel) was a silver cup offered at a variety of shows for Best Blck and Tan Terrier in Show.  This cup was available only to members of the BTTCA.  If a member won the cup three times it because his sole property.  The Manitoba Challenge Bowl was a silver bowl valued at $50.00, which was donated by A.C. Cunnings.  This cup was awarded to the best medium weight (17 pound) Black and Tan Terrier in show.  If a member of the club won the bowl three times (at either AKC or CKC shows), but not more than twice in one year with the same dog, including one win at the Western Canada Kennel Club show held in Winnipeg, it became the exhibitors property.  Currently this cup is the property of CMTC member Pennyann Styles, having been inherited from her grandfather.  Pennyann was gracious enough to bring the cup with her to the CMTC National Specialty held in Saint John, NS and hopefully it will make an appearance at future National specialties so other club members can see it first hand.

The International Cup, a silver cup valued at $100, was donated by Dr. H.T. Foote, George G. Mitchell and R.J. McGaughey.  The International Cup was awarded for the best kennel of four, American-bred, entered and owned by only one exhibitor.  Each dog was also to be recognized by a silver medal  Finally, the Pembroke Cup was a silver cup presented by John G. Kent, President of the Canadian Kennel Club.  This cup was for the best Black and Tan Terrier in dog show.  The cup was to be won three times at shows held under CKC rules before becoming the absolute property of the winner.  in addition to the cups described above, the newly formed club also began offering silver medals at a variety of shows, including the Ottawa Kennel Club show of 1902. 

Unfortunately, other than the Manitoba Challenge Bowl, the location of these historical artefacts is unknown.  it is a shame that the early traces of the Manchester Terrier in Canada have been lost.

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