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Black and Tans at Winnipeg

Excerpt from the Canadian Kennel Club Gazette (April, 1902), Vol. XV, No. 4, p. 111-112
Submitted by Dean Tomes (then CMTC Historian)
The Ratter's Review, May 2005

If you will permit I would like to convey through the Gazette my thanks to Mssrs F.C. McLean, Hull, Que.; T.E. Montgomery, Ottawa; and R.J. McGaughey, Pembroke, Ont., for sending such fine specimens of the Black and Tan Terrier to the Western Canada Kennel Club Bench Show just held.  I felt very proud of the exhibit.  After Mr. Cole finished judging he told me in the presence of the W.K.C. members that the Black and Tans showed the best quality of any breed in the show, which means a lot , as Manitoba produces fine sporting and other dogs.  Mr. Cole is an old importer of Black and Tans and is well qualified to judge them.

McGaughey's Baby Mac is a good medium-weight bitch with strong face, fine tail and good markings.  It was a toss up between her and McLean's CoCo.  Ringleader is a nice dog, well marked and shows himself well in the ring.  Roce Pearl being a little better in head and face won over him.  Roche Pearl has a very pretty head and face, beautifully long and narrow, and she, as well as Ringleader, carries herself up to the standard.  Coco is a very sweet medium, a little too fat for show, but nicely marked, good-coated, and fine head and face and eye.

Some exhibitors in the East imagine the distance long to send dogs here, but as there is no change of cars from Montreal and same express messenger all the way there us no risk whatever and the Express Company do everything for the dogs.  The company notified their messengers to pay extra attention to the dogs sent up for the show, to feed and water them regularly, etc., and they arrived in first-class condition.  The trip takes forty eight hours.  The W.C.K.C. management paid every attention to the exhibits, and every dog was well looked after and great care taken in making the dogs comfortable for their return journey.

A.C. Cummings
Winnipeg, March 15, 1902
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