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Black and Tan Terrier Club (UK)
(circa 1903)

Head--Long, flat, and narrow, level and wedge-shaped, without showing cheek muscles; well-filled up under the eyes, with tapering, tightly-lipped jaws and level teeth.

Eyes--very small, sparkling and dark, set fairly close together, and oblong in shape.


Ears--The correct carriage of the ears is  debatable point since cropping has been abolished.  Probably in the large breed the drop ear is correct, but for Toys either erect or semi-erect carriage of the ears is desirable.

Neck and shoulder--The neck should be fairly long, and tapering from the shoulders to the head, with sloping shoulders, the neck being free from throatiness, and slightly arched at the occiput.

Chest--Narrow but deep.

Mody--Moderately short and curving upwards at the loin ; ribs well-sprung, back slightly arched t the loin and falling again at the joining of the tail to the same height at the shoulders.

Legs--must be quite straight, set on well under the dog, and of fair length.

Feet--More inclined to be cat- than hare-footed.

Tail--Moderate length, and set on where the arch of the back ends ; think where it joins the body and tapering to a point , and not carried higher than the back.

Coats--Close, smooth, short and glossy.

Colour--Jet black and rich mahogany tan, distributed over the body as follows : On the head the muzzle is tanned to the nose, which, with the nasal bone, is jet black ; there is also a bright spot on each cheek, and above each eye, the underjaw and the throat are tanned, and the hair inside the ear is of the same colour ; the foreleg tanned up to the knee, with black pencil lines (pencil marks) up each toe, and a black mark (thumb mark) above the foot ; inside the hind legs tanned, but divided with black at the hock joint ; and under the tail also tanned ; and so is the vent, but only sufficiently to be easily covered by the tail ; also slightly tanned on each side of the chest.  Tan outside of hind legs--commonly called breeching--is a serious defect.  In all cases the black should not run into the tan, or vice versa, but the division of the two colours shouldbe well-defined.

General appearance--A terrier calculated to take his own part in the rat pit, and not of Whippet type.

Weight--For Toys, not exceeding 7 lb.; for the large breed, from 16 lb. to 20 lb., is most desirable.

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