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A Girl And Her Dog

By: Connie Sanders

My dog walked into my room last night,
Where I sat in my favorite chair,
And he laid a soft paw upon my lap
Just to tell me that he was there.

I reached out to stroke his silky head,
And I heard his trembling sighs;
I saw the love that he felt for me
In his deep brown, soulful eyes.

I knew there was something he wanted to say,
As he laid his dear head on my knee;
Then he held his breath, and he closed his eyes,
And he said, “ Will you marry me?”

Well! You could have heard a pin drop!
There was no sound in the place
As I gazed at the deep and earnest look
That he wore on his trusting face.

“But I can’t”, I said with a nervous laugh.
“I’m engaged already, you see.”
He said, “Yes, that’s true, but between us two,
I can love you much better than he.”

He said, “Haven’t I always been there
When you needed a paw to hold,
When the days seemed long and things went wrong,
And life was too hard and cold?”

“And didn’t I sit and lick your hand
Even when you were lost in thought,
And remembered to kiss your cheek goodnight
When everyone else forgot?”

So I thought for a while, and I had to smile:
Everything that he said was true.
But…. A dog and a girl? It’s a crazy world,
But I knew this just wouldn’t do.

“There’s a different kind of love,” I said,
“The kind you share with a man,
That a canine pal, though he’s loyal to his gal,
Just never could understand.”

Then a pained look wandered across his face,
But he carried his thought to the end:
He said, “Human passion always goes out of fashion.
What you need is a real Best Friend!”

He was right, I knew, and his words were true;
For I’d heard many times in my life
That a man will woo till you say “I do”,
Then forget to keep courting his wife.

So I said, “But where would you wear the ring?
For your toes are much too short,
And it just wouldn’t look right around your tail.”
Then he let out a little snort:

“I have worn your ring, O my one true love,
Ever since we have been together,
With so much pride I could burst inside:
It’s this little band of leather.”

“And sometimes you’ve tied a string to me
To bind me more closely still,
But I’ve never strayed from your side, my love,
And you know that I never will.”

“Remember, you’ll always be my girl!
I have never looked at another.
I have always thought you are beautiful,
(And I get along well with your mother.)”

“I listen with true amazement
To every word that you say.
I think you are wise; and I love your eyes,
I simply can’t look away.”

“I don’t care to watch the football game,
I would much rather walk with you.
And I love every meal that you cook for me….
I love everything that you do!”

So I glanced across at the La-Z-Boy,
Where the man I had planned to wed
Was in lala land, a remote in his hand,
And a pillow over his head.

His eyes were shut, and his mouth was open;
His snoring rang loud and clear.
‘Twas the most he’d said since he got out of bed.
(I admit that I shed a tear.)

So I said to my dog, “But, your life’s so short!
We have so little time together.
It wouldn’t have quite the same meaning
To say we will love forever.”

“It’s true,” he answered, “Dogs don’t live long.
But let me just ask you this:
Would you take a lifetime of misery
Over fifteen years of bliss?

“And after I’m gone, your life goes on.
And when you get past the pain,
If another good dog should come your way
You have time left to love again.

“ Yes, I know I can’t give you children,
But maybe we can adopt.
And if we do…........ I will love them too!”
Then, just for a moment, he stopped.

A look of great sadness clouded his eyes
As he glanced at the easy chair;
“In a perfect world, a dog and a girl
Would be the most logical pair!”

With a deep, sad sigh he lay down at my feet,
And he said no more that night.
And all the next day, as I went on my way,
I began to see he was right.

Still! A wedding was out of the question.
He couldn’t just “give me his paw”.
The world wouldn’t see what his love means to me…
But yet………we could live common law!

It was legal in any country.
No social taboos were in sight.
It could be the most splendid arrangement!
It just couldn’t be more right.

So I told him, “I’ll be here forever!
I will love you ‘til death do us part.
I’ll be tender and true! It’s the least I can do
For a dog with a dear, selfless heart.

I will honor and cherish your friendship,
And be kind all the days of your life.
I will hold you and feed you. I always will need you;
I’ll be just as good as a wife!”

So .....I married my dog! (In my heart, you see...)
And I know you might howl with laughter,
But I knew it was true when I said “I do”
We’d live happily, ever after.



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